PetsGo is for a Different Kind of Pet Parent

A Pet Parent who Expects More

Your pets are your kids, and you expect nothing less than the best for them.

You are more concerned about investing in high quality, individualized solutions and superior customer service, rather than the lowest price.

You're very busy and you love technology that makes your life easier.

Online scheduling and automated credit card billing are no-brainers for you, because your time is precious. You want to spend more time with your family, and less time playing phone tag or writing cheques.

You've had a poor experience with another pet sitter, and you're looking for a team you can trust.

You want a legitimate business that is insured, bonded and certified in professional pet sitting and pet first aid. You want the accountability that comes with a GPS-powered check-in and check-out.

Our Story

Working with animals has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. But since science was not my strongest subject, I filed the dream away in favour of a career in the arts department. One year into my bachelor of graphic design, I realized that art was more of a hobby than a career for me – forcing creativity in order to meet deadlines was making me exhausted and miserable. Still, I pushed through the rest of the program, filling my free time with what made me truly happy: volunteering with animal shelters, and pet sitting for neighbours and friends.

Soon after graduation, I was hired as a dog walker – and never looked back. I felt blessed to not only be surrounded by furry friends all day, but to be getting paid for it, too! After gaining valuable experience from my amazing boss and friend Darrell at Dogs on Danforth, we parted ways and I launched PetsGo! in November 2015.

It was a rocky start – I was injured in an accident shortly after launching, which put me out of work for the first few months. But I never gave up, and continued to work on the website and other behind-the-scenes goodies during that time (hey, that design degree ended up being useful after all!).

Today, I’m incredibly proud of how far PetsGo! has come. Every day brings new challenges and so much joy. I’m living my dream, and so grateful to all my amazing clients for the privilege to do so!

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Our Family

I currently live in Little Portugal, Toronto with my husband Jake and my three beautiful ferrets; Jack, Jill and Alice!

Big thanks to Grace MJ Kim and Phillipa Croft for the lovely photos.