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Originally from Egypt, I grew up in Switzerland, before finally adopting Toronto as my home. I’m thankful for the privilege of being surrounded by pets every day. Running PetsGo! is literally a dream come true!

Why I’m “pawsome”:

My pets: Jack, Jill and Alice, my ferrets – they are the love of my life, and make me laugh every single day!

My favourite thing about working with PetsGo: Doing my part in helping families keep their pets healthy and happy!

When I’m not running PetsGo!, I’m… Drawing, exercising, playing video games with friends


I grew up in the small town of Midland, but after six years in Toronto I know it’s my home. I’ve always adored pets and it’s amazing to be able to spend every day with my furry friends! I’m so grateful to have joined the PetsGo! team, it’s a blast.

Why I’m “pawsome”:

  • I’m very active and great with big, strong, excitable dogs
  • I’ve been praised for my ability to calm and befriend anxious cats

My pets: Jack, Jill and Alice – my favourite little fuzzy Ferret buddies!

My favourite thing about working with PetsGo: Being outside, and getting quality 1-on-1 time with the cutest dogs and cats!

When I’m not pet sitting, I’m… Composing music (that’s my music in the video!), gaming, walking


Hi! I’m a freelance writer, filmmaker and English teacher from Ireland who has fallen hopelessly in love with Toronto. Being around animals and working with them is my favourite thing in the world, and it’s been such a pleasure to be able to do that with PetsGo.

Why I’m “pawsome”:

  • Growing up in rural Ireland, I’ve owned and been around all kinds of animals, big and small, all my life
  • I’m comfortable with any and all personality types — I’ve yet to meet a dog or cat I couldn’t win over eventually
  • I’m very active, love being on my feet, and have been happily walking dogs of all shapes and sizes for years.

My pets: Right now, my two cats, Loki and Furby — both endless, ridiculous sources of fun and laughter.

My favourite thing about working with PetsGo: Getting out and about and meeting the coolest animals Toronto has to offer.

When I’m not pet sitting, I’m… Writing, teaching, biking, and dancing poorly.

Sarah K.

I’ve always had two great passions in life: being creative, and working with animals. So as a graphic designer & PetsGo employee, I’m living the dream! I’ve lived in this amazing city my whole life, and I can’t wait to get to know my neighbours (two legged & four legged!) even better.

Why I’m “pawsome”:

  • I’m very experienced with animals of all sizes and temperaments.
  • I’m active and love going for long walks.
  • My strongest instincts are to love & protect, hence my nickname among my friends as “Mama Bear!”

My pets: Winston is the biggest, fluffiest, sassiest cat who ever lived. He drools when he’s happy, and whenever I leave he sits and waits for me by the door. His highest priorities in life are eating and snuggling (in that order).

My favourite thing about working with PetsGo: If it was at all reasonable, I’d have a zoo of animals all my own! That isn’t reasonable though, so the next best thing is getting to hang out with all the sweet and lovely pets of Toronto.

When I’m not pet sitting, I’m… Designing, baking and/or cooking, spending time with loved ones, catching up on my favourite TV shows, and discovering amazing new restaurants.


I have combined my love of nature and all living things, with my passion for creative work as a freelance nature photographer and communications professional. As a lifelong animal lover, I am so excited to be able to spend my days around animals with PetsGo!

Why I’m “pawsome”:

  • I’ve worked in the pet industry for over three years
  • I’m experienced with all kinds and sizes of animals
  • I love being outside (particularly with dogs)

My pets: Winnie is a spunky tortoiseshell cat, who also happens to be the love of my life.

My favourite thing about working with PetsGo: Any day spent with animals is a good day, especially when it allows me to get outside!

When I’m not pet sitting, I’m… Making illustrations, going on hikes with my camera, reading.


Hello, I’m Julien! I’m the Design Lead at a social media marketing firm. I’ve always had a soft spot for animals and I’m excited to be a part of the PetsGo team and meet some new fuzzy friends!

Why I’m “pawsome”:

  • I’m as affectionate as I am responsible
  • I adapt well to different temperaments and personalities
  • I’m comfortable with animals all shapes, species, and sizes

My pets: I have a two year old Husky-Retriever named Cornelius who’s an extremely sweet big boy who isn’t aware of his own size.

My favourite thing about working with PetsGo: Going out and about Toronto with an animal companion!

When I’m not pet sitting, I’m… doing graphic design, drawing, watching movies, spending time with loved ones and playing video games.

Burnie (Sara M.)

A pet nanny by day, a newspaper editor/designer by night, and a parent of two hedgehogs, two lizards, two snakes, and a kitten around the clock. I love that my work with PetsGo lets me stretch my legs and explore the city in the best kind of company: four-legged!

Why I’m “pawsome”:

  • Having grown up on a hobby farm north of Toronto, I’m accustomed to working with animals of all shapes and sizes and have been around them my entire life
  • I love getting outside and going for walks, especially if I have a friend (the hairier the better) along for the adventure
  • I’m basically an oversized terrier

My pets: My grumpy babes, Mabel and Piglet, the hedgehogs who have taught me that my patience can indeed be limitless, as well as a menagerie of reptiles, and most recently, Laika, our adorable tortoiseshell ball of kitty goodness.

My favourite thing about working with PetsGo: While I have a veritable zoo of my own, I can’t get enough of animals, especially dogs, since I don’t have one of my own. Animals, with all their varied quirks, entertain me and inspire me to no end.

When I’m not pet sitting, I’m… playing board games, editing or reading speculative fiction, gardening, attempting to cat-proof my studio…