What It’s Like To Work For PetsGo Pet Care

What It’s Like To Work For PetsGo Pet Care

“Working for PetsGo is a dream come true. As a freelancer, I get to spend part of my day outside of the house in the company of fur friends, exercise and get some fresh air all while getting paid for it.”
-PetsGo Employee

Are you interested in joining our team but want to learn more?

There’s a lot that goes into our jobs as pet nannies and we want to share with you the inside scoop. We pride ourselves in offering pet sitting services like no other and our work reflects that.

Here are some tips on what to expect if you’re thinking of joining the PetsGo family.

Meet & Greets with new clients

Building solid, lasting relationships with our clients is our number one priority.

Working for PetsGo means taking part in meeting with pet owners. We love this part of the job-connecting with pet parents, meeting Fido or Whiskers and going over every detail that is involved in our job.

Prospective clients can ask questions face to face and see first-hand the type of care we put into our job-including how we interact with their four-legged friends.

Lots of TLC

A huge part of our job is providing lots of love and cuddles to the pets we care for. That means lots of petting, ear scratches, and belly rubs! Every animal is different and we love building rapport and getting to know exactly what makes each pet the happiest and healthiest when it comes to affection.


If you’re someone who enjoys the outdoors and loves animals, PetsGo may be the place for you! We walk outside with dogs rain or shine. Our pet nannies enjoy the fresh air and an increased step count through all seasons. Make no mistake, walking is a big part of the job.


There’s nothing quite like a scrumptious meal after a brisk stroll outdoors or a kitty play session inside. We are often responsible for feeding pets so preparing and giving food is part of the process.

Administering medication

Maybe Fido has an eye infection that requires drops while in our care.

Our pet nannies are happy to deliver most types of medication to keep your pet healthy. We don’t think it’s fair to charge extra for a sick pet, so medications are always included with our service. 🙂


We want our clients to come home knowing that every aspect of their pet’s care has been covered. For us as pet nannies, that means cleaning up pet bowls and any other messes that may occur in the house (including, of course, potty accidents).

House upkeep

When people are away on vacation, we help them care for their pets and also their home. This means we may help take in the mail and also tend to any plants that may need watering.

Time To Pet app

Our pet nannies all use Time To Pet, an easy-to-use app that helps make the job of the pet nanny so much easier. Through this app, we can access pet profiles, any instructions left by our clients, messages from pet owners, as well as provide a pet report card that we help create (our clients get this pet report card after each and every visit). We can also attach the photos we take during each visit here.

Time To Pet is an integral part of how we operate. It streamlines the whole pet sitting process for our clients and also helps us provide the very best care.

In addition to all of this, PetsGo provides paid training and CPR/Pet First Aid certification!

Now that you know more about what it’s like to work for PetsGo, are you still interested in joining our team? We’re currently hiring! Click here to apply.


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