Toronto Pet Parent’s Guide to Seaton Village

Toronto Pet Parent’s Guide to Seaton Village

Seaton Village has a small town feel even though it’s located in the midst of city hustle and bustle. For dogs and humans alike, Vermont Square Park acts as the community gathering hub-the perfect place to spend a free afternoon. Enjoy our pet parent’s guide to Seaton Village!

Seaton Village Dog Parks & Green Spaces

Vermont Square Park
819 Palmerston Avenue

Euclid Avenue Parkette
711 Euclid Avenue

Seaton Village Pet Stores

Bark and Meow Pet Supplies
712 Bloor Street West

Seaton Village Vets

Bathurst-Dupont Animal Hospital
1012 Bathurst Street

Seaton Village Animal Rescues

There are no known animal rescues in the Seaton Village area-but we are sure there are people in the community who are fostering.  PetsGo suggests searching on Petfinder for your perfect new family member! BlogTO also compiled a list of rescues you can look into.

Seaton Village Dog Trainers & Cat Trainers

Camille Salter – All Dogs Toronto

Rover Achiever
882 Manning Avenue

Seaton Village Dog Groomers & Cat Groomers

Bark and Meow Pet Supplies
712 Bloor Street West

Seaton Village Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

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What else can we help you with?

I love helping Toronto pet parents find the best services and products for their pets. If you’re in a different neighbourhood, or if there’s any pet resource missing from this list, don’t be shy! Simply leave a comment below, or join our Facebook Group for Toronto Pet Parents. They would be happy to help!

Pet Parents of Toronto Facebook Group

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