Toronto Pet Parent’s Guide to Bloordale Village

Toronto Pet Parent's Guide to Bloordale Village

Bloordale Village is a small neighbourhood that packs a real punch. It’s a multicultural mixture of restaurants, hip art galleries and bike shops. Animal lovers also love this part of Toronto-a place that well-loved independent pet stores call home. So sit back, grab your pet cuddle buddy and enjoy our pet parent’s guide to Bloordale Village!

Bloordale Village Dog Parks & Green Spaces

Erwin Krickhahn Park in Bloordale, Toronto

Erwin Krickhahn Park
121 Rankin Crescent

*None within Bloordale Village. Erwin Krickhahn Park is located just west of the neighbourhood

Bloordale Village Pet Stores

That Dog Next Door Pet Store in Bloordale, Toronto

That Dog Next Door
1230 Bloor Street West

Earth Echoes
1192 Bloor Street West

Bloordale Village Vets

Bloorcourt Veterinary Clinic in Bloordale Village Toronto

Bloorcourt Veterinary Clinic
1079 Bloor Street West

*None within Bloordale Village, this is the closest veterinary hospital, just east of the border

Bloordale Village Animal Rescues

Bloordale Village isn’t home to any animal rescues that we know of, but Toronto residents love pets! We are sure there are people in the area who foster lots of adorable pets through various GTA animal rescues.  

Check in with local pet store That Dog Next Door. They have done adoption events with rescue organization Save Our Scruff in the past.

At PetsGo, we also suggest using Petfinder ! BlogTO also has a complete list of rescues as well.

Bloordale Village Dog Trainers

All Dogs Pet Services
709 Lansdowne Avenue

Bloordale Village Dog Groomers & Cat Groomers

Dee’tails Dog Grooming
1264 Bloor Street West

That Dog Next Door
1230 Bloor Street West

Bloordale Village Dog Day Care & Dog Boarding

BFF Playcare
981 College Street

*None within Bloordale Village, BFF is the closest located west of Dufferin Street

Bloordale Village Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers

PetsGo Pet Care - Toronto in-home dog walking and pet sitting

PetsGo is Toronto’s premier in-home pet care service. We help pet parents relax and enjoy their travels, knowing their pets are happy and their home is secure. Our online app makes it easy to book services from anywhere, and receive real-time updates with every visit!

What else can we help you with?

I love helping Toronto pet parents find the best services and products for their pets. If you’re in a different neighbourhood, or if there’s any pet resource missing from this list, don’t be shy! Simply leave a comment below, or join our Facebook Group for Toronto Pet Parents. Our beloved members would be happy to help!

Pet Parents of Toronto Facebook Group

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