6 Ways to Prep your Pet for the Holidays

How to Prep your Pet for the Holidays

‘Tis the season to be merry!

The snow is falling and the decorations are up. It’s time to celebrate the holidays. For most of us, it’s a busy time of year with dinner plans, parties, and travel.

Changes from our day to day routine also mean changes for our pets. At PetsGo, we want to give you a rundown on how to properly prepare Fido or Whiskers for the festive season.

1. Stock up on food

Be mindful that many pet stores will be operating on shorter hours or will be closed entirely during the holidays. Take note of when your local pet store is open and stock up on Fido’s food, treats, and other necessities.

2. Holiday decorations

Your shelves are now home to little snowmen and you have a five-foot tree up on display.

Whatever the decor, be sure to think about how it may impact your furry friend. Could this be a choking hazard? What would happen if my dog ingested this? Are my decorations, including my tree, securely mounted?

We suggest skipping the tinsel. Tinsel can be very attractive to cats and if swallowed, may cause major problems and even result in surgery.

It’s important to prevent accidents, especially since a lot of people are spending more time outside of their homes at social functions.

3. Candles

Although candles are beautiful and can leave your home smelling like cinnamon, they are extremely dangerous for pets. Always be in the room when you have them lit. It doesn’t take much for a tail to catch on fire or for Whiskers to knock it down.

Love candles but want to stay safe?

Opt for battery-operated alternatives like this. These days you can even find fake candles that have the flickering flame effect, giving you the experience of real ones.

4. Wrapping

With presents comes lots of wrapping paper, bows, and string. For pets, these items may seem shiny, fun and made just for them! Be careful with any wrapped decor as there may be pieces that Fido or Whiskers will play with but might be unsafe.

Don’t leave ribbon or string out as they may be swallowed. Remove and recycle all wrapping as soon as possible.

5. Create a pet oasis

Hosting holiday parties typically means there will be lots of food, people and fun! For nervous pets though, all the sounds, smells, and guests may be overwhelming.

Create a quiet room for your pet to relax as a safe haven away from the commotion. Provide fresh water, food, toys and a comfy spot to sleep. Some calming music doesn’t hurt either to drown out the noise.

6. Book your pet sitting services early

Going to be away on holiday? Make sure all arrangements have been made for your pet well in advance. We always encourage people to book as early as possible-ensuring peace of mind for you and your fur baby.

Need dog walking or pet sitting services during the holidays or beyond? Learn more about us here.

So go celebrate, spend time with loved ones and know that your pet is safe and enjoying the season as well.


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