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Bully breed dogs are targeted and criticized for being “vicious” while many are in fact incredibly affectionate. In almost all cases, no matter what breed the dog is, it’s the owner that influences a dog to be dangerous. The real solution is to make a law about responsible dog ownership, not to discriminate just one breed of dogs because of their appearance.

Our Operations Manager owns a bully breed dog (pictured below!) and experiences this stigma on a daily basis. This dog was forced to have litters at a very young age at her puppy mill and was abused for the first few years of her life. So, when neighbours walk by and see a reactive bully breed, they immediately assume the kind of dog she is. Despite her outdoors reactivity, she is the biggest suck in the entire world and gets noticeably sad if she doesn’t get enough kisses in a day.

Operations Manager dog Harley

We won’t talk your ear off about why Ontario should end the Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).. BUT we will give you examples as to why bully breeds really are the best!


Candice with her rescue bully breeds


If you’re not following this page on Instagram GET ON IT! This amazing woman Candice has a farm full of her misfit dogs (many of them bully breeds) and takes in fosters as often as she can manage to help get them adjusted and ready for their new homes. It’s MAJOR proof that a great and loving owner has a huge influence on a dog’s upbringing.

Sophie Gamand

Sophie Gamand with bully breed puppies

http://www.sophiegamand.com/ Instagram @sophiegamand

Sophie travels across the U.S (and across the world) to photograph shelter dogs and at risk dogs (for free!) to help raise awareness and to get them adopted. She’s most well known for her Pit Bull Flower Power series where she’s photographed almost 500 shelter pit bulls wearing handmade flower crowns. She has helped bring pit bull advocacy to light and change the public’s perception on bully breeds.

There’s more information here at https://www.endtheban.ca/ and sign the petition if this issue speaks to you!

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