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Off Leash Park Etiquette

With so many off leash parks in Toronto it’s a no-brainer to take your canine friend to one. Not only does your dog get to socialize and exercise but you as an owner get to socialize with fellow dog owners as well.

The importance is to keep the environment both fun AND safe for both parties. Here are some tips to keep in mind when going to an off leash dog park.

Keep Your Attention on Your Dog at All Times

It can only take a second for playful behaviour between dogs to turn aggressive. Your dog may be the friendliest dog on the block but it doesn’t mean every dog in an off leash park is. When you keep your attention during their play time you will always be aware of any warning behaviour.

Listen and Communicate with Your Dog & Fellow Owners

Open and clear communication needs to exist in an off leash park. You can learn personality traits of other dogs, a dog’s triggers, human reactivity etc. Never be afraid to ask questions, it just means you’re being pro-active in avoiding dangerous situations!

Pick Up After Your Dog!

We know this one seems like a no brainer but alas it’s one of the biggest responsibilities of dog ownership. If you choose to ignore this inevitable duty other dog owners will call you out in an off leash park. Also, if someone else doesn’t fulfill their responsibility, your dog could end up needing a bath when you get home.

All three of these points are interchangeable but so important to make your walk fun. In the end it’s up to you to be aware in an off leash zone, communicate with fellow owners, and keep the park a clean space.

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