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What Our Culture Is All About

Are you curious as to how PetsGo operates? Wondering if our company is the right fit for you? 

Here we outline what we live by, a culture that focuses on healthy and happy employees. 

When it comes to pet sitting and dog walking, there’s a lot at stake. Our pet nannies cultivate bonds with animals that have lasting emotional impacts on both sides. 

Things can become emotionally and physically difficult when a pet suffers an injury, is declining in health or when we are witness to behaviours from pets who have come from abusive or traumatic situations. 

We take care of people’s family members. We have keys to their homes. This is a job where there is a ton of trust put into us and as such, we want to have employees that are dedicated to the job. If we require people to bring their A-game to every visit, we need to provide the same. 

In order to make sure our staff are happy, there are a few key things we like to do: 

1. Simply ask what they need. 

Sometimes in business when we don’t hear anything from our team, we assume that everything is fine. No news is good news, right? 

Part of our job is to be the kind of business that employees can feel comfortable asking for help. If one of our pet nannies doesn’t reach out, it’s important for us to also be proactive and say, “Hey, how can I make your job more fulfilling/easier on you/satisfying to the skills you want to share?”

2. Doing emotional check-ins. 

Dog walking and pet sitting can be physically and emotionally draining. We take this very seriously and so it’s routine for us to connect with staff members often to see how they are feeling. Often times a listening ear can go a long way in helping to keep employees feeling acknowledged and appreciated. 

3. Any time an employee does something above and beyond, it needs to be acknowledged and praised. 

The first thing we do is reach out to let them know, “Hey, I see you. I know you did this amazing thing that you didn’t have to do. Thank you. It’s so appreciated. You are what makes this company great.”

Then, we make sure that the wonderful act is documented and shared with to all management. 

Another integral part of our culture is acting like a family. We want to create an environment where we share in each other’s successes, in and outside of the business. We want to know what our staff are passionate about, how they like to spend their free time and what’s going on in their lives, so that when it’s time to create the next staff social outing or craft the next schedule, we can be aware of what they need and how to best serve them. 

Supported and acknowledged. Our employees need to be seen and heard.

 Do your values align with ours? If so, consider applying for our pet nanny positions. We are currently hiring people with weekday availability from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. We’d love to hear from you. Click here to apply!

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