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Ultimate Resource List for Senior Dogs (and Disabled Dogs) in Toronto

Who can resist those soulful eyes, that gentle demeanour, and the soft grey muzzle? It’s no secret that we at PetsGo LOVE senior dogs. And they love us back—for good reason.

PetsGo is the only dog walking company in Toronto that uniquely provides private walks. We believe in quality over quantity–and for that reason, we don’t walk in groups. This is precisely why we are a perfect fit for older pups—we can walk as slowly, and stop as often, as they need.

Created with the invaluable help of Four Paws Rehab & Fitness, here is our curated list of resources for the senior dogs (and disabled dogs) of Toronto:

Products for Senior Dogs and Disabled Dogs in Toronto

Harnesses for senior or disabled dogs:

Ginger lead

Help ‘Em Up

Wheelchairs for senior or disabled dogs:

Walkin’ Wheels

Eddie’s Wheels

Orthopedic Beds for senior or disabled dogs:

JettaJacks Bed

Booties to help senior or disabled dogs gain traction while walking:

Ruffwear Grip Trex

Muttluks Mutt Trackers

Diapers for incontinent dogs:

Top Paw

Jack & Jill Dog Diapers

Note: Most of these products can be purchased from Four Paws Rehab at 931 Queen Street West. Otherwise, you can find them at handicappedpetscanada.com.

Services for Senior Dogs in Toronto

Rehab and Fitness for senior, disabled, or injured dogs:

Four Paws Rehab & Fitness – 931 Queen Street West

Orthotic and Prosthetics Clinic for senior or disabled dogs:

Pawsability – 209 Wicksteed Ave.  Unit #31

Chiropractor for senior, disabled, or injured dogs:

Pets in Motion – 4202 Dundas Street West

The Dog Joint – 2567 St Clair Ave West

Canine Massage for senior, disabled, or injured dogs:

Flow Canine Wellness – 227 Fern Ave

Private dog walker for senior dogs or disabled dogs:

PetsGo Pet Care (That’s us!)

We hope you’ve found these resources helpful! If there’s anything we can help you with for your senior or disabled dog, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 🙂

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