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Does Your Dog Walker Have a Back-Up Plan?

It’s three minutes to 9 PM on a Friday. The PetsGo office is already closed for the weekend, and I’m spending some time with my husband, looking forward to some quiet days ahead. Then, my phone buzzes with a text from PetsGo employee Shane: “Hey Sarah, everything’s ok but I was hit by a car door on the bike today and thrown onto the street and I think I’ve broken my finger, just in the ER,” it starts.

If you got that text from your dog walker, what would you do? Let’s say your walker is a sole proprietor. This means no staff, which means no back-up walker. You work long hours and you know your dog can’t handle being alone all day. You’d be tasked with either finding a last-minute replacement to let your pup out that week, or you might even need to take time off from work.

Now, imagine you got that text from your sole-proprietor pet sitter while you’re in line to board a cruise ship. That’s exactly what happened to Sandra, a family friend of mine (note: her name has been changed for this article). The person in charge of looking after her two dogs called and told her they were in a car accident and wouldn’t be able to pet sit anymore. Since there was no back-up plan, Sandra was forced to cancel her trip and book the next flight home.

As soon as I made sure Shane was ok, I wasted no time in deploying our back-up plan. I asked him to keep me updated on his condition, and I cleared his schedule for the following week. Because the PetsGo team works together, we’re all familiar with the routines of all PetsGo clients. And if there’s any question, all the details are within each client’s account on our Time to Pet system. Our other staff members were able to pick up Shane’s visits, and nothing needed to be cancelled during the couple of weeks that he was recovering. It was really as simple as that.

Thankfully, Shane’s injuries weren’t severe, and he was back at work pretty quickly. But this accident was a reminder of the importance of having back-up plans in place before you need them. I pride myself in running a tight ship here at PetsGo, and for that reason, our clients know we have their back if anything unexpected occurs.

Now, it’s your turn. I challenge you to get in touch with your dog walker today and ask them “What’s your plan if you can’t make a visit?” – this is a detail that really differentiates the hobbyists from the professionals.

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