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Why Our Clients Love the Time To Pet App

Comfort and peace of mind.

It’s what any pet parent wants for their four-legged friend. Here at PetsGo Pet Care, we offer both in the form of an app we use called Time To Pet.

As a client, you’ll rest easy knowing that no detail has been spared in your pet’s care. How exactly? We break down all the features that make this app your go-to resource in quality pet sitting and dog walking services.

All of your pet’s info in one easily accessible place

Is there a neighbourhood dog that Fido doesn’t like? A change in medication? Any behavioural issues to take note of? Time To Pet spares no detail. All the information you put into the app can be easily read by us at any time-it’s all at our fingertips.

So before we even arrive at your door, you’ll have confidence knowing that we’re up to date on everything about Fido or Whiskers.

Message your dog walker / pet sitter

Time To Pet allows you to do it all on their app. There’s a special section where you can message us. Think: “I left Fido’s rain jacket by the front closet” or “Please refill his blue bowl with his new kibble”. We’ll get a push notification right to our phone alerting us.

Schedule a visit in a snap

Forget e-mailing back and forth. With Time To Pet, you can quickly schedule, modify, or cancel your pet’s visits with ease, and at any time of the day.

GPS tracking

Never guess about where your dog has been. With GPS tracking, you’ll see a map of the exact route taken. Kitty clients can see our location when we checked in to the visit, and when we checked out. So you always have that peace of mind that every visit went according to plan. 🙂

Pet report card

This is one of the greatest features of Time To Pet. After each and every visit, a pet report card will be sent straight into your inbox. What’s in it? You’ll be able to easily read whether your pet ate, drank water, took medication, and even how many bathroom breaks were taken. You will also see that we double checked to make sure your door is locked afterward.

Another great addition to your pet report card is…photos! We always snap photos of your four-legged friends in action whether that’s on a walk or during a home visit. Never miss a beat and feel connected to your fur baby while you’re away.

There you have it! Some of the many great aspects of Time To Pet and why it’s our app of choice. Can’t wait to check it out? You can go ahead and create your own account here! No phone-tag (or commitment) required. Give it a whirl. 🙂

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