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Why Senior Dogs LOVE PetsGo Pet Care

Does your senior dog need extra care and attention?

Are you looking for a pet sitting and dog walking company that will go the extra mile for Fido?

Many of our clients have senior dogs and that’s no coincidence.

We’ll show you how and why PetsGo is perfect for senior dogs.

Private walks, individual attention

Group walks might not be the most suitable for older dogs. If there are younger, more energetic puppies on leash with senior dogs, there’s a chance your Fido might get dragged in the process to keep pace.

At PetsGo, we provide private walks. That means one-on-one attention for the entire visit. Your dog walker only has one dog to look after and that’s yours. Whether your dog is a big garbage eater or needs a more leisurely walking pace, our pet sitters custom tailor each visit based on Fido’s needs.

CPR & Pet First Aid Certified

All of our pet nannies are CPR & Pet First Aid certified through Walks N’ Wags, the longest standing Pet First Aid program in Canada.

Our extensive training includes how to handle common illnesses and injuries, bleeding, artificial respiration, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

In case of an emergency, we are trained and prepared.


Need someone to help administer medication to your dog? It’s not a problem at PetsGo. Our staff are highly trained to give all sorts of different pills, drops and ointments to keep your dog happy and healthy.

We also don’t charge for this service. Your visits are always all-inclusive.


If an accident happens, we’re here to clean it up. We will take care of it, no matter how long it takes, without charging you extra or cutting into Fido’s visit time.

Flat rate visit/no time limit

Are you gone most of the day and Fido seems lonely? Here at PetsGo, we operate using untimed visits. Our focus isn’t on watching the clock, it’s on taking care of your pet.

So if Fido needs some extra love and cuddles, or maybe an extra-long sniffing stroll, we’ll stay longer to make sure that happens at no extra cost to you.

Pet Report Card

Want to know every detail about our visit with Fido? We offer pet report cards at the end of each visit. Your pet report card will show you photos, insights into potty behaviour, eating habits and energy levels. You’ll even receive a GPS map of where exactly we walked.

Every aspect of your dog’s care will be outlined for you so you can stay informed and rest easy.

We dedicate this blog post to a few of our senior four-legged lovebugs: Remy the golden retriever, Buster the pug, Billy the hound, Stella, Maya, and Pepper the Shih-Tzu mixes.

Got a senior dog and have more questions for PetsGo? Contact us here.

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