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How to Prepare your Dog for Winter

Love it or hate it, winter is fast approaching.

Temperatures will continue to drop. Snow-filled sidewalks will become a reality.

What does this season mean for your dog?

Here at PetsGo, we’re excited to answer that question.

These are our top tips on how to prepare your dog for winter.


Cold tolerance varies from pet to pet. If you notice your dog shivering during walks in the cold, you may want to consider purchasing a sweater or coat.

Have a few in rotation so that if one outfit gets wet during a walk, you have time to dry it while replacing it with another. Never put a wet jacket on a dog as it will make him even colder when out in the elements.


Just like people, some dogs need extra help in the form of traction and protection. There are tons of different dog booties out on the market to explore with various features. Dogs, especially older ones, are more prone to slipping and falling on top of ice and snow.

Booties are also a great idea if your city or town salts the sidewalks. The de-icing salt and chemicals associated with it can be painful on a dog’s paws.

Walk time

The duration of your walk should always depend on a variety of factors, one of the big ones being the temperature.

For some dogs, winter means shorter walks. Your dog maybe cannot stand the cold, is elderly, has a short coat or a medical condition that is impacted by weather like arthritis. Monitor your dog closely and decide on a time you feel works best.

After-walk care

When it’s time to come home, have what you need ready at the door. We suggest a towel to wipe paws down and to dry off. Pay special attention to any little “snow balls” that have accumulated between your dog’s toes. To remove them, just hold your dog’s paw in your hands for a few second–the heat from your hands should melt the snowballs. Never yank them out as it can be painful!

Have a mat by the front entrance that provides some traction for Fido’s paws. This way, your dog isn’t slipping and sliding.

Keep pets inside

No matter how much your dog loves being outside in the summer, when it comes to winter, they need to be indoors.

Never leave Fido out for extended periods of time in the winter. Dogs can be susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. Don’t be fooled. Just because he or she has a long coat doesn’t mean they can stand the chilly temperatures.

Be prepared in case of an emergency

The realities of living in a cold climate mean that we should all be prepared in case of storms and blizzards.

Make sure you have plenty of food, water and any other pet supplies you might need should you be stuck at home unable to leave.

It’s a great idea to have an emergency kit for your pet including backups of any medications. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping your pet warm and protected will ensure that this winter will be one to enjoy.

Got any questions about winter preparedness? Send us a message!

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Keep bundled up and enjoy your time with Fido this season!

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