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2018 Average Toronto Dog Boarding Rates

How Much Does Dog Boarding Cost in Toronto?

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, it’s not always possible to take your dog with you. In a previous article, we discussed all your different options for leaving your pets in Toronto while you travel.

If you’re looking for dog boarding in Toronto, price is probably an important factor in your decision. Since the cost of your pup’s stay might range from $25 to well over $85 per night, I will do my best to break down all the different price points and help you choose the best solution for your fur-family.

$25-35 per night:
Online Dog Boarding Services / Apps

Following the success of Uber, new startups are attempting to bring a similar model to the pet industry. These tech companies offer cheap, on-demand dog boarding in the homes of their hundreds of independent contractors.

Things to consider with dog boarding apps:

  • What does the company do to ensure they only contract trustworthy and experienced dog sitters?
  • Will it be the same dog sitter every time?
  • How many other dogs will be staying at the dog sitter’s home?
  • What’s the emergency plan in case of a dog fight, injury, or if your dog gets lost?
  • How many hours a day will your dog sitter be home? How many hours will your dog be left unsupervised?

$30-40 per night:
Toronto Dog Boarding Kennels

Kennels are a very traditional type of dog boarding, for pet parents who want a bare-bones service without any bells and whistles.

Things to consider with boarding kennels:

  • Are the dogs supervised overnight?
  • Will your dog be allowed to interact with other dogs?
  • Are walks/playtime included or do you have to pay extra?
  • Will they send you updates on how your dog is doing? How often?

$55-60 per night:
Cage-Free Dog Boarding Facilities

These large facilities allow all their doggy guests to roam, run, play and sleep without dividers. They require several staff members to supervise the dogs and make sure everyone is playing nice.

Things to consider with cage-free dog boarding facilities:

  • What is their vetting process for allowing dogs into the group?
  • How do they ensure that communicable diseases/parasites aren’t being passed between doggy guests?
  • Is your dog easily overstimulated?
  • Are the dogs supervised overnight?
  • Do they have public webcams showing dogs in the space?

$45-60 per night:
Home-Style Dog Boarding

Like cage-free dog boarding, but on a smaller scale. Many dog lovers and independent dog walkers open up their home to a limited number of clients. Your dog will become part of a family—interacting closely with other boarding clients, as well as the service provider’s own pets and family members.

Things to consider with home-style dog boarding:

  • Is it a legitimate, law-abiding business?
  • Which members of the family will be allowed to interact with your dog? Are they insured and experienced with dog behaviour?
  • How large is the space? Will your dog be allowed to roam the entire home?
  • How long will your dog be left alone? How long will they walk?
  • How many other dogs will be sharing the same home?

$65-85+ per night:
Luxury Dog Resorts or Dog Hotels

For dog parents who spare no expense in spoiling their babies, these five-star dog hotels provide amenities such as private rooms, TVs, spa services, and chef-prepared meals.

Things to consider with luxury dog resorts / dog hotels:

  • Do they have a reputation of exceptional service to back up their higher prices?
  • Is the price all-inclusive or are there any hidden fees?

More factors that may affect Toronto dog boarding rates:

  • Will you pay for shuttle service, or transport your own dog?
    Depending on your location and the location of the boarding facility, you may be charged between $6 and $25+ for shuttle service. Some facilities have shuttle service included in their fee.
  • How many dogs do you have?
    Some dog boarding facilities allow you to board multiple dogs in the same room/kennel at no extra cost, or for a discounted rate. Cage-free and home-style facilities may charge you full price for each dog.
  • Does your dog have any special needs or medication requirements?
    Some boarding facilities can’t accommodate medications, and some will charge an extra fee to administer them. For special medications such as sub-cutaneous fluids or insulin injections, you best bet would be to board at your vet clinic.
  • Are you traveling during a holiday peak time?
    I have seen holiday surcharges ranging from $10-30 per night. These fees may apply on statutory holidays only, or over the span of an entire “peak period” such as the week between Christmas and New Years.
  • How long is your trip?
    Most dog boarding facilities offer a discounted rate for longer stays.

An Alternative to Toronto Dog Boarding

I hope you’ve found this article useful in helping you navigate all the different price points for Toronto dog boarding. Boarding is a great solution for dogs who enjoy traveling, new environments, and socializing with new dogs and humans. If your dog easily becomes anxious or overstimulated, or if you have multiple different kinds of pets, an in-home dog sitter might be a better solution for you.

At PetsGo, we offer in-home dog sitting, which is a more personalized alternative to dog boarding. Your dog will stay in the comfort of their own home, and we’ll come spend one-on-one quality time with them. Your dog’s routine stays the same, and you get the added benefit of having someone checking in on your home while you’re away!

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