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10 Most Common Cat Behaviours Debunked

If the internet has taught us anything, it is that cats are known for their quirky antics and strange behaviors. And it’s true, cats can be pretty silly. Sometimes their oddball behaviors have reasons and other times their behaviors are problematic and may need treatment. Here’s a way to tell what’s “normal” and what’s not when it comes to cat behaviors.

1. The Random Sprint

One of the silliest things cats do is a “drive by kitty.” Where they virtually fly into a room, bounce off the furniture and then dart back out of sight. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong. Your cat is just playing and wants some exercise.

2. Rubbing Against You (and Everything)

Cats will rub against you and sometimes everything they see. A lot of times they do it with so much force things topple over. But it’s just them spreading their scent through their pheromones.

3. Late Night Yowling

No one really knows why some cats do this. It can be a sign of old age, but even young cats do it as well. They are also nocturnal by nature and sometimes they have a bit of a throwback to late night antics and hunting.

4. Improper Scratching

Even if you have scratch pads, your cat may insist on scratching your carpet or couch. Usually it’s because your cat is bored, looking for attention (even negative), or because they simply enjoy the feeling of it more than their designated scratch areas.

5. Sniffing Your Face

You can often catch cats sniffing each other’s faces and sometimes they’ll come up and sniff yours as well. This is a way to see what you’ve been eating and also it’s a sign of love and trust.

6. Chattering

Cats are known to do this when looking at birds or bugs and sometimes in their sleep. This happens because they are mimicking the sounds around them. It can help them blend in to get closer to their prey before they pounce.

7. Sitting or Laying on Everything

If you own a cat, you know they love to sit on your newspaper, your book, your laptop and pretty much anything that you’re trying to do. This one is simple, they just want your attention. After you’re done, make sure to give them a little extra TLC.

8. Being Unusually Vocal

Your cat could be telling you that they are in pain or need something. If you think they sound like they are hurt call the vet immediately to get them checked out. Sometimes it can just be them needing attention, but it’s always best to ask your vet if you think something is wrong.

9. Nail-Biting or Gnawing

Sometimes your cat just wants a little manicure and good cleaning. But other times this can be a symptom of anxiety or allergies. If it becomes compulsive and bald spots start to appear, contact your vet.

10. Kneading Paws

Commonly called “making biscuits” your cat kneading is one of their cutest odd behaviors. It is a way your cat finds comfort that started in the litter when they were nursing on their mother.

Cats are quirky and their behaviors are equally amusing. Usually, they have some reason behind them, but it still leaves us scratching our heads and smiling at their silly ways. How many behaviours from this list does your cat do?

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