2018 Average Cat Sitting Rates in Toronto

Cat sitting rates in Toronto

How Much Does Cat Sitting Cost in Toronto?

If you have a cat, and you’ve ever wanted to leave town longer than a day… you might relate to the struggle of finding someone to keep your kitty company. Maybe your friends and family are traveling too, or maybe they’re sick of you asking for cat sitting favours. You might be considering hiring a cat sitter, but you have no idea how much to budget for the duration of your trip. This article is for you!

The cost of cat sitting in Toronto can range from $15 to $100 per day. I know, that’s a massive range! That’s why I’ve broken down the different factors that might affect your cat sitting quote, and I’ll also share what we charge at PetsGo.

Factors that may affect cat sitting rates

  • Length of visits:
    30-minute visits are the most popular type of cat sitting service in Toronto and will run you $20-30 on average. However your cat might be extra social and prefer an hour-long stay, which is $35-45 on average. Overnight cat sitting is less common but quite the luxury, at $80-100 per night for your pet sitter to sleep in your home with your kitty.

  • Number of cats:
    While PetsGo doesn’t charge extra for multiple pets, this is a standard practice for many cat sitters in Toronto. You might pay $3-5 per visit for each additional kitty.

  • Health issues:
    Again, while we won’t charge you for administering medications to your cat, it’s common to see a $5-10 surcharge for pills or injections.

  • Number of visits and length of trip:
    You may be offered a 5-10% discount for booking multiple visits per day (for example, morning and evening visits), or for booking an extra-long vacation.

  • Type of cat sitter:
    Are you using a professional business with staff, an independent cat sitter, or a hobby cat sitter? There’s no right or wrong answer but the cost can vary significantly. A business that has invested in insurance, bonding, pet first-aid and/or pet sitting certifications, scheduling software (etc.) will cost around $30-35 per visit. An independent cat sitter who is doing it for extra pocket money (rather than a full-time job) might charge between $15-20 per visit. Some cat owners may go for the more economical option in order to have more spending money during their vacation, while others might choose to pay more for reliability and peace of mind.

So, what are PetsGo’s cat sitting rates?

I know reading all those different variables might be overwhelming. That’s why we keep things simple around here—we don’t charge by time, number of pets, or even medication. Our cat sitting visits are a $30-35 flat rate depending on your family’s unique needs.

If you’d like me to give you an exact quote, please feel free to give me a call (647 725 7726) or send me an email (sarah@petsgopetcare.ca)! 🙂


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