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How long is a PetsGo pet sitting and dog walking visit? It’s up to your pets!

I’ve recently made a big, exciting overhaul to the PetsGo pet sitting and dog walking visits—we are no longer charging by the minute.

Instead of having several price points for different lengths of time (e.g. 30-min, 45-min) PetsGo pet sitting and dog walking visits are now one all-inclusive visit, with no time limit.

Confused? Here’s what this means for our clients and their pets:

  • If the weather is beautiful and Fido wants to spend extra time rolling around in the grass, we can do it!
  • If Kitty is sad that mom isn’t home, we can sit on the floor and hand-feed her.
  • If the pets decide to “redecorate” the apartment or they have a potty accident, we’ll be there to clean it up.
  • If a vet or home emergency arises, we’ll be there to handle it without any extra charge for our time.

After all, our job is to watch your pets, NOT the clock!

How do we know when the visit’s over?

Simply put, the visit is over when all pet and home care tasks are complete, and your pet’s physical and emotional needs have been met.

An average PetsGo pet sitting or dog walking visit ranges from 20-40 minutes. The length of time will vary based on your pet’s specific needs, energy level, how they’re feeling on a given day, the weather, etc.

Watch “a day in the life” of a PetsGo dog walker to find out what we choose to focus on instead of the ticking on the clock:

What does “no time limit” mean?

“No time limit” means you will never come home to an extra bill thanks to an unexpected delay.
As I mentioned above, visits are typically between 20-40 minutes if everything goes according to plan. But pets are unpredictable, and accidents happen.

If your pet has a potty accident on the carpet that takes half an hour to clean, we will take care of it without cutting into the visit time or charging you extra. If we have to transport your pet to the vet and accompany them during emergency treatment, we will do it. If we have to stay in your home for 4 hours to handle a flood and assist emergency contractors, we will do it.

With another pet sitting company, you would be billed for any additional time. Extra fees are the last thing you want to worry about when you’re overseas and an emergency occurs. And that’s why we don’t put a cap on the visit time.

Why did PetsGo stop charging by time?

When I first launched PetsGo, I based a lot of policy decisions on what everyone else was doing. I thought, “if all the other pet sitters are doing it, it must be working!” And while that thought certainly has merit… I quickly realized that I needed to think differently in order to raise the bar on quality pet sitting services.

One such policy was charging by the minute. When the pet sitting industry was in its infancy in the early 90s, somebody decided that exchanging 30 minutes of time for X amount of dollars should be the standard.

I asked myself, are we selling time or are we providing amazing pet care, top-notch service, and peace of mind?

The answer is clear.

With PetsGo, you can rest assured that your pet is receiving a specialized service tailored to them and nobody else.

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Ask us about our commitment to your peace of mind.

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