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2019 Average Dog Walking Rates in Toronto

This article has been updated for 2019!

How much does a dog walker cost in Toronto?

If you work a full-time job, you might be feeling guilty about leaving Fido home alone all day. Hiring a dog walker is a great way to break up your dog’s day and give them some fresh air and exercise when you can’t be there.

Price is an important factor in your decision—especially if you’re looking for ongoing, weekday services. For this significant investment, what’s a ballpark that you should be paying? Well, (I know nobody wants to hear this) it depends!

Factors that will affect Toronto dog walking rates:

1. Are you hiring a professional dog walking business, or an independent dog walker?

A professional dog walking business will have higher rates because they have bigger expenses—such as insurance, bonding, pet first-aid certification, background checks, scheduling software, labour costs, etc.

If you choose to hire an independent dog walker, either directly or from a website such as Rover.com, it’s especially important to research the individual, ask plenty of questions, and thoroughly check references.

  • Average independent dog walker rate in Toronto: $15-25/walk
  • Average professional dog walking business rate in Toronto: $20-35/walk

2. Group walks or private walks?

Group walks are certainly the more economical option, because your pup will be sharing that time slot with 2-5 other dogs. If you’re unsure which is the best option for your dog, see my article for a more in-depth comparison between group walks and private walks.

  • Average group dog walking rate in Toronto: $20-25/walk
  • Average private dog walking rate in Toronto: $30-45/walk

3. How many dogs do you have?

Most dog walkers in Toronto charge anywhere from $10-20 (and sometimes double the base rate) for each additional dog.

4. How long is the walk?

While PetsGo doesn’t charge by time, this is a standard procedure for dog walkers in Toronto. Most dog walkers offer multiple price points for walks ranging from 15 minutes to upwards of 2 hours.

  • Average 15 minute dog walk (potty break) rate in Toronto: $15-20/walk
  • Average 30 minute dog walk rate in Toronto: $20-25/walk
  • Average 45 minute dog walk rate in Toronto: $25-30/walk
  • Average 60+ minute dog walk rate in Toronto: $30-45/walk

5. What time of day is the walk?

You may be quoted $5-10 extra for morning, evening or weekend dog walks.

6. Do you need ongoing, or occasional dog walks?

Some dog walkers may offer you a discounted rate ($3-5 off, on average) if you commit to a certain number of walks per week, on an ongoing basis.

So, what are PetsGo’s dog walking rates?

We like to keep things simple. Our dog walking visits are private, untimed and all-inclusive. We never upcharge for extra pets, evenings, weekends, medications, feeding, or even extra time.

Our private dog walks start at $32/walk, but your exact rate will depend on you and your dog’s unique needs.

Get in touch today to get your customized dog walking quote.

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