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Free Download: 30 Pet Friendly Stores in Toronto, Personally Verified

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You don’t need to leave your dog at home (or worse, tied up outside) while you’re shopping. For such a pet friendly city, Toronto stores tend to be hit-or-miss when it comes to allowing our furry friends to accompany us. There are several lists making the rounds with questionable accuracy (Hint: Home Depot is NOT pet friendly in Canada!).

After watching the same question asked over and over again in the community, I set out to create an accurate list of stores that will welcome your dog – and sometimes even offer treats and other accommodations. As it turns out, lots of business owners in Toronto are crazy about dogs!

We personally verified with 30+ stores, with a phone call asking the following questions:

  • Are pets allowed in your store?

  • Do the dogs need to be carried in a bag, or can they walk through?

  • What about large dogs?

  • What about the different store locations?

Then I compiled all that data into a single-page resource, ready to print and stick on your fridge.

For your convenience, the locations are separated into categories, include addresses, special notes or restrictions from each company, and if they indicated to us that they LOVE dogs.

There are exactly 30 stores in this list, enough to last you a full summer of shopping with your furry best friend. 🙂

Instant Download

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Please note: I’ve done everything I can to provide an accurate resource, but please note that store policies do change, and it’s still possible that you’ll be asked to leave a store on this list. If this happens, please let me know so I can remove it from the 2018 version.

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