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8 Pet Safety Tips for Canada Day

Most of us are pretty excited for a long weekend celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary. Our pets? Maybe not so much!

Here are some tips to keep your pets safe and make this long weekend as enjoyable as possible, for every member of the family.

1. Keep pets indoors!

Give them a secure and dimly lit area where they can feel safe. If they are crate trained, try covering the crate with a blanket.

Keep them busy with fun puzzle toy, treat balls, foraging toys, a Kong filled with frozen peanut butter, etc.

Be sure that all doors, windows, screens, doggy doors and gates are secured. A frightened pet can bolt at any moment.

2. Turn up the TV or radio.

Put on something soothing and calm that will drown out the outside noises. White noise, Classical or Jazz music are great options. Did you know there’s music specifically designed to relax your pets?

3. For anxious dogs and cats, use an anxiety vest (or make your own).

Similar to the calming effect of swaddling a crying baby, anxiety vests apply a gentle pressure on a pet’s torso.

You can buy one from Thundershirt, or create your own using an ace bandage or even a scarf.

4. Be prepared in case they run away.

It only takes a moment for a pet to run off and get lost. Be prepared for this situation by increasing your chances of finding them safely.

Make sure they’re wearing a well-fitted collar with ID tags, and ensure their microchip is up to date. Take a recent photo of them. License your pet! (It’s the law)

5. Give them lots of exercise before the festivities begin.

A high energy walk or play session during the day will help your pet be calm when the fireworks start. They might even sleep through it!

6. Avoid feeding table scraps.

Your pet can get very sick from eating table scraps. Cooked bones, grapes, salt, alcohol and chocolate are examples of dangerous foods.

Have a treat jar out for your guests to give to your pets. Make it clear to all guests (especially children) that they shouldn’t give any human food, even when faced with adorable puppy eyes!

7. Take note of the nearest emergency vet.

Since most animal hospitals are closed on holidays, you should always have the phone number and address of the nearest emergency vet. If your pet is injured, sick or poisoned, don’t waste precious time looking for a vet!

Veterinary Emergency Clinic (VEC) South
416 920 2002
920 Yonge St. Suite 177, Toronto, ON

Veterinary Emergency Hospital of West Toronto
416 239 3453
150 Norseman Street, Toronto, ON

Central Toronto Veterinary Emergency Clinic (CTVEC)
416 784 4444
1051 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON

Not: This is NOT a complete list. Be sure to research and find the one closest to your home.

8. Be there to comfort them.

It’s a myth that comforting your anxious pet “reinforces” their fear. You have my permission, go ahead and cuddle your furry friend and help them feel safe.

And if you’re traveling and leaving your pets at home, ask your pet sitter for some extra TLC tonight.

Consider booking an hourly pet sitter if your pet needs extra attention during Canada Day evening. PetsGo offers this service with a 2 hour minimum—we will stay with your pets just like a baby sitter. After all, our pets are our kids!

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