10 Pet Halloween Costumes you can buy on Amazon Canada

Stegosaurus costume for dogs

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What’s the best part of Halloween? Not the candy, not the parties, nope. It’s definitely watching your pet strut their stuff in costume all day!

I’ve sifted through Amazon and found the highest-rated (and most adorable) dog and cat costumes you can get delivered to Canada. Because, I know how annoying it is to find the PERFECT product, and then find out that it ships to the US only…

Before ordering, make sure to double-check the measurements. And remember, you can use small dog costumes for cats, too!

In no particular order… here are 10 pet Halloween costumes you can buy on Amazon Canada:

1. Pumpkin Costume

By PAWZ Road – Buy it here!

pumpkin dog costume Pumpkin cat costume

2. Lion Wig

By SUNREEK – Buy it here!

3. Cowboy Costume

By NACOCO – Buy it here!

cowboy dog costumecowboy dog costume

4. UPS Maildog

By California Costumes – Buy it here!

Maildog costume

5. Pup-cake

By Rubie’s Costume Co – Buy it here!

Cupcake costume for petsCupcake costume for dogs

6. Stegosaurus

By Animal Planet – Buy it here!

Stegosaurus costume for dogs

7. Super-Dog

By Rubie’s Costume Co – Buy it here!

Superman dog costume

8. Hot Dog

By Rubie’s Costume Co – Buy it here!

Hot dog costume for dogsHot dog costume for dogs

9. Bumble Bee

By Rubie’s Costume Co – Buy it here!

bumble bee costume for petsbumble bee costume for pets

10. Another Cowboy Costume
(because we couldn’t resist)

By Mikayoo – Buy it here!

Cowboy costume for catsCowboy costume for cats

Which one are you ordering? Let us know in a comment below!


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